How your children can learn through Pancakes Day

Planning the perfect Pancakes Day  Pancakes day is tremendously under-appreciated in my opinion, but in the long slog between winter festivities and spring arriving, it is a welcome celebration that we should all pay attention to. Traditionally a chance to clear out the cupboards before lent began, it is now a wonderful opportunity to flip […]

How to support your child with their reading

Supporting your child with their reading is one of the best things you can do for their education and long term development. Reading is the bedrock of learning and is used in every single subject. You might have a natural ability in maths, but if you can’t read the question or understand that tricky worded […]

Five maths games for the whole family

Maths is such an important subject in school, and the knowledge is even more important in ‘real life.’ You can’t move on to the trickier maths without the building blocks though! Even adults can sometimes struggle with core maths topic, so these games are for all the family to enjoy. In maths, some of the […]

How tutoring can help your child (and you!)

It helps develop confidence Tutoring helps develop confidence in your child, and allows them to progress further in the future. Classrooms can be very fast paced environments and it’s sometimes intimidating to ask for help. When you work in a one on one, or small group, environment you develop more confidence in your skills. This […]