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Taking a re-sit? We’re here to help!

To say it’s been an unusual year would be the understatement of the century. Many students are understandably frustrated at not having sat their exams or not having all the fun of leavers’ day and saying a proper goodbye to their peers and teachers. Predicting a child’s grade is not an exact science; nor are […]

Get ready for the Trafford entrance exam

Not quite clear on the difference between Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning? Unsure of how to apply for the Trafford Consortium? Or what the exam involves? Don’t worry, with ten years of experience – we can make all that simple for you. The Trafford Consortium of exams is a brilliant opportunity for your child to […]

Our ‘back to school’ offer

Children will settle back into school in different ways. For some, it will be really exciting to see their friends again and to have that structure brought back into their life. For others, it will be an understandably daunting thing to face. Many will need support to catch up with work they’ve missed – but, […]

September support: we’re here to help

It’s fair to say that the 2019/2020 academic year was probably the strangest we’ve ever seen, so here’s to hoping the next one gets off to a smoother start. For many children, returning to the classroom will be a daunting experience. We’re here to try and make that transition back to school as smooth as […]

Back to school checklist for September

Here’s a quick and handy list of what you’ll need, ready for students returning to school in September. Remember, you’re not alone – supporting your family’s well-being remains a top priority for us.   Previous school work If your child still has work remaining, from before schools were closed or received during lockdown, it’s a […]

Outdoor learning this summer

After so long being cooped up in self-isolation, many families are really looking forward to getting out and about again this summer. Heading outside, particularly while the weather is nice, can also provide a fantastic opportunity to learn. Here are some subject areas that can utilise the great outdoors:   Nature Learning about the world […]

Summer Catch Up Tuition

This academic year has been far more disrupted than normal and it is still not completely clear what the picture will look like in September. It is clear, however, that a return in some form will take place and that many students will need support to make that transition. When children have been away from […]

Should poetry be dropped from the curriculum?

On the 4th August, the government announced that poetry is one of the subjects that can be dropped from the GCSE curriculum. The decision seems to have been taken after growing concerns that teachers will not be able to cover the syllabus in time – given how much school time that has been missed by […]

Free educational games that don’t require any set up

These six, easy to play, games are completely free and can be adapted to match any age. Many students who have been feeling the pressure of studying at home will welcome the opportunity to learn in a more relaxed, creative way over the summer. The games are also important in preventing a summer slide in […]

Summer Workshops – Chorlton

We’re very excited to be making a return to face to face tuition as lockdown lifts. At the end of August, we are running a transitional week of summer workshops to get students ready to return to school in September – after an unusually long break! We will be taking lots of precautions, from social […]

Prevent the Summer Slide by getting involved with our Reading Challenge

‘Summer Slide’ is a term used to describe the drop in reading age that occurs over the summer holidays. It sounds scary but it actually follows a common pattern: the more you practice the piano, the better you get; the more you immerse yourself in another language, the more fluent you become. It’s the same […]

Adele Geras on developing your writing and becoming an author

The wonderful author, Adele Geras, recently judged our Creative Writing competition and chose a D-Day entry as the overall winner. She spoke with the organiser, Jo Boon, off the back of this competition to share her words of wisdom about writing and becoming an author. She has published many bestselling novels over the years and […]

Support Manchester businesses by shopping locally

It’s never been more important to shop locally and think sustainably. As we all know, our economy is feeling the strain from recent events and it’s important that everyone who can, contributes to kick-starting it again. Rather than shopping at big brands, here are some local businesses that will really benefit from your support: Food […]

D-Day Letter Home

We recently ran a Creative Writing competition on the theme of bravery and this is one of the brilliant pieces that was submitted. If you know someone who enjoys Creative Writing, get in touch with Jo Boon: for details about the Creative Writing course she’s running.   Dear Trevor, Conor and Max – my […]

Cliff Face: A Tale of Bravery

We recently ran a Creative Writing competition on the theme of bravery and this is one of the brilliant pieces that was submitted. If you know someone who enjoys Creative Writing, get in touch with Jo Boon: for details about the Creative Writing course she’s running.   The trotting from the horse’s hooves were […]

How to tackle the teenage reading slump

Many teenagers will go through a few years where they just don’t enjoy reading as much as they used to. If that’s something you’re experiencing right now, know that you’re very far from alone; this is totally normal for teenagers. I absolutely love books now and chose to do part of my degree in Comparative […]

How to work alongside your child’s teachers & tutors

It’s perhaps more important than ever for children’s educational professionals to all work alongside one another. So, how can you work collaboratively with your child’s teachers and tutors? Here are some examples of ways you can ensure your child is getting the best all round support they can:   Keep up the communication through good […]

Allie Crewe on the strength of families in Manchester

Allie Crewe is a Manchester based photographer who won the BJP Portrait of Britain competition in 2019 and specialises in portrait photography. We first met when I was running an arts event at Islington Mill in Salford and I was struck by her compassion and sensitive storytelling. Since then, she’s been on a roller coaster […]