Top tips for settling into a new academic year

Now we’re through the disruption of the initial week back to school, here are our top tips for settling into the academic year ahead. These five suggestions are designed to help you make the most of what will hopefully be a more ‘normal’ academic year.   Get organised Many students don’t ‘get organised’ until later […]

How to stop the summer slide

Here are five suggestions to help you to keep learning going in a fun way over the summer holiday. They all assist in preventing the renowned ‘summer slide.’ Get in touch for more ideas or to work alongside one of our brilliant tutors to support your child’s education.   Find a summer project Taking on […]

Supporting students this summer

This year has clearly been challenging for everyone – particularly children and young adults, as their lives have been majorly disrupted, their education messed around, and opportunities closed off. We hear that message a lot and it starts to sound rather hopeless, but it shouldn’t be! Children are surprisingly resilient and there’s a lot we […]

Six summer challenges to get stuck into

Here are six summer challenges to keep active and engaged this summer. They can be adapted across age ranges and are a great way to keep learning fresh after a particularly tough academic year. Remember, we’re always here to help!   Keep a travel log Staycations have been all the rage this year and have […]

End of year burnout: how to take care of your wellbeing

As we come towards the end of another, rather strange, academic year, it’s important to be mindful of our wellbeing. Burnout impacts both teachers and students, especially with Teacher Assessed Grades being thrown into the mix. Here are five ways we can continue to look after our wellbeing in these final weeks:   Keep an […]

Easter activities for all ages

Here are five Easter activities across subject and age ranges. We support students’ studies right across the curriculum but we’re always happy to offer ideas on how to develop a child’s education outside the classroom. So, if you’re looking for activities to try this Easter, here are five ideas that can be adopted by the […]

Eight female educators we can learn from

For many women, education has been the key to a better future. These eight women not only used education as a tool for themselves but created a legacy that enables opportunities for others too.   Savitribai Phule When? January 3rd1831 – March 10th1897 Who? Indian social reformer, educator, and poet. She helped found the first […]

What makes us different?

The private tuition sector has been expanding rapidly over recent decades.  ‘Having a tutor’ has become the norm, and many more families access tuition services compared to 50 years ago. With such an ever-growing industry comes a lot of competition – you may have noticed an increased amount of start-up tuition companies that have popped […]

How to bring maths to life at home

Maths is a subject that many people find challenging at one time or another. It’s incredibly important to our day to day life however, so gaining confidence in the subject can make a massive difference. One of the best ways you can teach maths is to put it into context for students. This is true […]

Early Years Support? We’re here to help.

The first few years of a child’s life are crucial to their development, but many families aren’t given a huge amount of educational guidance or support until they start school. So how does language develop? What’s the best way to introduce young children to shapes and counting? Why is developing motor skills so important? We […]

How to prepare for private school 11+ exams

The exams for private schools in Manchester happen throughout January each year. They are competitive exams that help your child gain admission to some of the best schools in the country. They normally include a Maths and English paper, of which Creative Writing is a part, and Verbal Reasoning. Some also include a Non Verbal […]

Teacher assessment to replace GCSE and A Level examinations – what this means for your child.

Everyone has their own view on assessment. For some people that one final exam at the end of two years of study for the GCSE or A Level gives students something to aim for, having a tangible goal pushes students to work hard and therefore achieve their very best. However, others argue that continuous assessment […]

Tier 4 Study Hacks

Here are four Tier 4 study tips to make learning effective in these challenging times. With the learning of our children once again being disrupted by a delayed start, this isn’t the January school return that most of us had hoped for. There are ways to make the most of this time however, and our […]

Six winter celebrations around the world

Hanukkah In winter, followers of the Jewish faith light a special candle holder called a menorah. The menorah is lit in memory of an ancient miracle, where one day’s worth of oil burned brightly for eight days in the temple. This holy time is celebrated with festivities including eating special potato pancakes called latkes and […]

Winter reading recommendations

We all need a little adventure and escapism right now; while restrictions on travel remain, it’s a great time to make the most of the extra time at home. Here are our top five winter reading recommendations to help get you through these colder months. Get in touch with your favourites – we’d love to […]

Why you should consider buying an up-and-coming franchise

Franchising is on the march and making great strides towards assuring that its businesses succeed. Statistics from the Natwest BFA survey 2018 illustrate the recent trend: there are over 900 franchise systems in the UK; over 48,600 franchise units employing over 710,000 people (an increase of 89,000 in 2 years); franchising contributes £17.2 billion to […]

Educational games for rainy days

As the second lock down continues and we’re shut up indoors on rainy days, it’s a good time dig out the old board games – even though it’s probably more of a Christmas day tradition. Here are our five recommendations for educational games:   Fortunately / Unfortunately This simple game requires absolutely no set up […]

Balancing academic success with wellbeing through exam season

Mock and re-sit season feels even more pressured than normal this year. Not least, because there’s a concern that mock results may end up having a bearing on overall results as they did last year. Those mock grades have in turn contributed to many students resitting exams this winter – giving them a chance of […]