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Who will benefit from having a tutor?

One to one tuition is fantastic for anyone struggling to learn. It helps those who are very able but don’t feel challenged and it can improve skills in those attaining an average level of work but who are capable of so much more.

Personalised Tutoring

Matching the tutor to the learner is vital if progress is to be made; nobody can learn if they don’t connect with their teacher. Once you start with a tutor, we will keep in contact with you to ensure we have the most suitable person in place. The continued use of a tutor is very much guided by the feedback we receive from you, the parent/learner.

Finding the right tutor for you

We provide qualified and experienced tutors for one to one tuition in your home. All our tutors are vetted at face-to-face interview to ensure that they meet the required standards of subject knowledge and demonstrate a professionalism and personality which reflect that of the company and the excellent reputation we have gained. We always like to meet you to discuss the tuition in order to gain an understanding of who the learner is and what their aims from the sessions will be. It is also an opportunity for you to see who we are and for us to explain how the process works.

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Our mission is to provide learners with a personalised tuition service based on their specific needs.