About Us

How We Started

Choice Home Tutoring was established in 2010 after recognition of the need for trusted and committed tutors to work with students in their homes. Utilising the founders’ extensive experience in education, the business was initially set up in Didsbury, Manchester. 

From the very beginning, we have strived to make the process as personal as possible for our customers. Not only do we spend time with every customer to ensure that their exact needs are being catered for, we also ensure that our tutors are fully supported throughout their time with us.

We consider ourselves as educational partners who support, not replace, the work done in schools, many of which we work directly with, both at primary and secondary level.

Choice Home Tutoring has become one of the main providers of tuition services throughout Manchester and beyond. We are currently embarking on an exciting franchise venture which aims to replicate our model throughout the UK.

Our Ethos

(Why We Are Better)

Our ethos is borne out of a genuine desire to ensure that our service remains personal and high quality both in terms of the actual tuition and the relationships we forge with our customers and team of tutors. You, as our customer, will receive a personalised service as well as ongoing support for the whole duration of your relationship with us, with the overriding aim of maximising your child’s progress and attainment levels.

We firmly believe that we are only as successful as the quality of our tutors and, because of this belief, we constantly monitor their performance levels and rely heavily on your feedback to keep our levels of service high. We expect our tutors to be professional, to know their subjects areas inside-out, and to be flexible in their teaching while recognising that all students are different and learn in different ways – what works for one, may not work for another. We firmly believe that even a small intervention can have a huge positive impact on the learning outcomes for your child.

We will only interview potential tutors who have a degree at the very least. As well as being suitably qualified in their specialist subject areas, at interview we are also looking to ensure that they have the right personality to engage with the students they will be working with. We are very conscious that our tutors are representing us in your home. If, on the rare occasion, the tutor does not gel with the student, we will change the tutor; you must be satisfied that the tutor is right for your child.

“I have used Choice Home Tutoring on three different occasions. In each instance my child was matched with a tutor who was punctual, professional and provided excellent feedback at the end of each session. Furthermore, each of the three tutors brought out the best in my child who progressed not only academically from encouragement to challenge himself, but also improved his personal self confidence. Highly recommended!”

Sarah Storey