Online Tuition

Online Tuition

Online tuition is personalised, convenient and highly effective.  Although the majority of the tuition we provide involves in-person sessions in the homes of our customers,  our tutoring provision also extends to online learning.

Online tuition sessions are clearly different to in-person sessions but they’re also similar in many ways. Our level of service remains the same and we still ensure that we match one of our tutors to your particular requirements following our initial discussions with you. 

The success of any tuition session is dependent on two main factors: 

  • the motivation of the student
  • the quality of the tuition

Online learning should be no barrier to either factor, particularly with the advancement of the various online platforms now available, such as Teams, BitPaper and Zoom.

Why Online Tuition?

Like in-person tuition, online tuition can still take place in the comfort of your own home. 

The major benefit of online learning is that nobody needs to travel anywhere. Sessions can take place when tutor and student are miles, sometimes countries, apart. This often proves to be beneficial when a customer lives in an area that makes it difficult for the most suitable tutors to travel the distance to their home.

Some of our customers have utilised our online tuition provision following either their own or the tutor’s relocation. Because they have built up a strong relationship with their tutor during in-person sessions, they would rather continue with the same tutor via online sessions rather than start in-person sessions with a new tutor.

Another benefit is that work done in a session is often easier to back-up and save.

Our online learning provision also facilitates international students based overseas to receive the expert guidance they require for their various courses, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), from our specialist UK tutors who are fully experienced in the delivery of each course and the specifications involved.

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Our mission is to provide learners with a personalised tuition service based on their specific needs.