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We are British Franchise Association members!

We are delighted to have been granted bfa membership following our first attempt. We have always tried to do things with integrity and our membership demonstrates that, as a business, we adhere to a set of strict standards and ethical principles which reflect best practice in the franchising world. The bfa is the governing body that represents credibility within the UK franchise industry and we will benefit from that by becoming a member. This is also great news for our franchisees as they can now become members for free so we’ll hopefully soon have 100% membership across our growing network.


Published: 28th April 2022

School-led Tutoring Grant

The School-led Tutoring Grant (see DfE guidance here) announced at the start of this month finally provides the opportunity for schools to work with a local tutoring company that they know and trust. It also allows schools to have greater control over the delivery of their covid catch-up tuition. This is great news for Choice too as it means that we can continue to work with schools independently. 

As stated in the guidance, schools can receive a grant equal to 75% of the expected cost of tuition for 60% of their pupil premium students, which gives them great value and a brilliant opportunity to source quality tuition for their struggling students. 

We have been working with primary and secondary schools for over 10 years and they’ve always been delighted with the professional service we provide as well as the quality of the tutors delivering the sessions. Due to the pandemic, this last year has seen significant growth in the tuition we provide to schools as part of their covid catch-up strategies. The bespoke nature of our service remains a major attraction for schools, as well as for parents, and is one of the reasons that has enabled us to achieve an excellent reputation within the tutoring industry.

With the right tutor, tuition works, of that there is no doubt. For those families who can afford it, having a tutor has become the norm. We are therefore delighted that the SLTG will allow us to work with more disadvantaged students and families in an attempt to bridge the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

Published: 24th September 2021