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Summer Slide – Reading Challenge

‘Summer Slide’ is a term used to describe the drop in reading age that occurs over the summer holidays. It sounds scary but it actually follows a common pattern: the more you practice the piano, the better you get; the more you immerse yourself in another language, the more fluent you become. It’s the same with reading – if children stop practising, they become less fluent and so have to restart learning when they return to school each September.

To support this, we’re running a Summer Slide Reading Challenge over the summer holiday. The course will involve reading six short books – one for each week to ensure that children’s literacy levels remain where they need to be by September.

We will recommend the texts for the first five weeks (all short reads for different ages and abilities) and then the children will choose their own text for the last week. Each book is supported by an online session which will be pitched at the appropriate skill level – from basic comprehension through to character analysis for older students.

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Is your child or someone you know sitting the 11+ in September 2020 and/or Entrance
Exams to the independent schools in January 2021? Our expert tutors are offering small
group sessions through an online platform to help students prepare for those all-important
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Support for the current Year 10 cohort in preparing for their GCSE exams next year is now more crucial than ever.

Whether your child is trying to secure a pass or improve their current grade, our expert tutors have designed a programme which will target key exam areas. 

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