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The National Tutoring Programme

Although the tutoring industry is booming, it is about to receive a further boost due to the National Tutoring Programme (NTP). This is the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and an attempt to close the attainment gap, particularly for disadvantaged students. The aim is to give state-funded primary and secondary schools access to high-quality subsidised tuition from an approved list of ‘Tuition Partners’, which Choice Home Tutoring has bid to become. The Tuition Partners will be announced at the end of October.

As part of the overall ‘catch-up plan’, the government is aiming to spend £1billion of which schools will directly receive a share of £650million. The other £350million will be devoted to funding the NTP of which some £76million is earmarked for Tuition Partners to deliver quality tuition over a range of subjects.

For us and our franchisees at Choice, this is really exciting news as it will hopefully help build further relationships with schools in our respective territories. It is also gratifying to see that there now exists a general acceptance, including among schools, that private tuition positively impacts students’ education. We already work with many schools and they have all been delighted with the personalised service we provide and the quality of the tuition we deliver. The bespoke nature of our service remains a major attraction for schools, as well as for parents, and is one of the reasons which has enabled us to achieve an excellent reputation within the tutoring industry.

For those families who can afford it, having a tutor has become the norm. We are therefore delighted and privileged to potentially be involved in the NTP and to be able to work with more disadvantaged families in an attempt to bridge the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.


Is your child or someone you know sitting the 11+ in September 2020 and/or Entrance
Exams to the independent schools in January 2021? Our expert tutors are offering small
group sessions through an online platform to help students prepare for those all-important
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Support for the current Year 10 cohort in preparing for their GCSE exams next year is now more crucial than ever.

Whether your child is trying to secure a pass or improve their current grade, our expert tutors have designed a programme which will target key exam areas. 

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