Choice Tuition in Schools

Since Choice was established in 2010, we have worked hard to build strong relationships with primary and secondary schools and with sixth form colleges.

Following an initial meeting with school staff to find out exactly what help is required, we select the most suitable tutors to help. We are fully aware that teaching staff know their students better than we do, so we liaise with them to gain as much information on the students and their level of learning as possible.

All tutors have current and clear Enhanced DBS police checks and we choose those who have proven to be a success at helping students; selecting tutors is more easily done once we know the age and ability levels of the learners.

It’s also really helpful to know if there are special circumstances to consider, such as any SEN, anyone who is particularly able, any specific learning styles which suit a child. Having an open line of communication with a classroom teacher or Head of Department is a huge benefit to the progress of the student

How have we helped?

Year 6 SATs preparation

Our tutors have been into several Primary Schools over a number of weeks to work 1:1 or 1:2 with year 6 children to improve their Maths and English

Key Stage 3 Maths and English

Tutors have been working with individuals in years 8 and 9 on site for several hours during the school day. Students come out of their lessons and work with the tutor, usually in the library, and look at areas that they are finding difficult and need to reinforce.

Maths and English support for those who are LAC

Schools request extra support for individuals who receive funding to support their learning. This can be either during the school day or outside school hours.

GCSE English, Maths, Science, PE, French, Geography and History

Our tutors work with individuals and small groups from Football Academies in helping them to catch up on missed work. The sessions also allow additional time with a subject specialist to reinforce work in preparation for their GCSE exams

BTec National Business Studies and Sports Studies

Our tutors work with students in several Sixth Form Colleges who require more time in their assessed work. We work closely with College staff in marking, moderating and standardising the work too; it isn’t just a case of delivering course content.

A level

our tutors have provided sessions in several sixth form colleges to help students complete their course and ensure all syllabus content has been delivered.

This provision has continued during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Online group and individual sessions are taking place regularly to ensure that progress doesn’t drop.

The impact of Covid-19

The pandemic has not only highlighted the attainment gap with respect to disadvantaged children, it has clearly made the situation worse. We are therefore extending our offer of support to schools by helping pupils catch up with the learning they have missed due to Covid-19. In our recent discussions with school headteachers and deputies, it is clear that schools recognise the need for this extra support. If you would like to arrange a call to discuss how we can support students in your school, then please get in touch at or 0800 3579 121.

What do our schools say?

“It has been a pleasure working with Choice Home Tutoring. Jacob was engaged, forthcoming and jumped straight in with the A-Level delivery. He worked really well with the students and has continued to support them during remote learning in lockdown. This has been of huge benefit to the students and they have reacted positively to him.  I would not hesitate to contact you again if any future placements arise.  A huge thank you from the maths team at The Sixth Form.”

“All 8 tutors arrived on time, well resourced and eager to teach. A great first impression – thank you for organising this so swiftly and with very little work required on my part (always appreciated!)
The year 6 children are raring to go!”

What do our tutors say?

“I worked at St Mary’s primary school for a month in the lead up to Year 6 students taking their SATs last year. I loved getting to know each students goal and learning style, as it enabled me to tailor tuition to them as individuals. I worked collaboratively with the teachers so that I was in step with the areas they were practising and knew when practise tests were coming up. It was really exciting to see students exceed their expectations and grow in confidence with the material. Some of the students asked me to continue tuition into high school to boost their confidence and I would love to work in more schools to make this possible”
Jo, Literacy specialist

“Working with the year 12 students was both interesting and enjoyable. I was keen to make sure they achieved while also helping them engage in the work – A level Maths can be tricky to bring to life but we certainly worked hard to get the results they did. Really great, I’d love to do more of this type of tutoring”
Steven, Maths tutor

“It was great teaching my student when she was out of the lesson. She needed to learn as an individual, away from her peers in the class. It was brilliant liaising with the class teacher too, and working in tandem with what was being covered in class.”
Gemma, Primary specialist

“I loved teaching my student in the school library – it was a great way of encouraging what is a brilliant resource, but also allowed us to research topics and make learning fun.”
Emma, Year 6 SATs tutor