The value of online lessons

Since the pandemic, we have offered online lessons as well as the in-person sessions we have traditionally been known for. In the process of doing so, we discovered some important benefits to them. Here are five reasons to consider online tuition with us.


  • Get the best possible tutor

One of the key benefits to online tuition is that we can ensure you get the best possible tutor, wherever they may be located in the country. This is particularly beneficial for A-level and GCSE students, as well as for adult learners, where specialist knowledge can make all the difference. We have been offering private tuition for over a decade and, in that time, we’ve developed an ever-growing network of education contacts from across the UK. Online lessons therefore give us the flexibility to recommend the best possible person, no matter the location.


  • Lessons are completely interactive

Some perceptions of online tuition stem from the challenges that came with learning through the lockdown periods. Tailored online lessons are not at all like that however. Firstly, the fact that they are one-to-one makes a significant difference, as the lessons focus on individual learner’s specific areas of need. Secondly, technology has come a long way with much more interactive options allowing teacher and student to share screens upon which they can both write. Finally, our team of online tutors are highly experienced in making sessions fun and utilising the unique opportunities that come with greater technological options.


  • Flexibility

Online lessons offer flexibility in terms of where and when they can be taken. This can be of particular benefit during the school holidays when you and/or the tutor may be travelling. Online lessons therefore allow consistency of delivery as they can be taken anytime, anywhere. You also don’t have to worry about having the house tidy for when the tutor comes round each week!


  • Fit more in

Due to this flexibility, you may also be able to fit in more sessions. Many tutors enjoy teaching online as it reduces travel time and creates more room in their schedule for them to do what they do best – teach! You can advantage of this by extending lesson time, adding in a second lesson each week or continuing with lessons through (some) of the holidays.


  • Develop students digital literacy skills

There is no getting away from the fact that digital literacy skills will be an important part of our children’s future. Learning online can facilitate and devleop these skills as it opens up opportunities for online research, gamification, and using new platforms to learn.

If you would like to chat with us about online tuition, please complete the below form and we will arrange a time to have a conversation about the options.