How to keep learning fun over October half term

We’re edging closer to the first holiday in these strange new times and, with the lack of schooling we have seen so far this year, it’s a very good idea to keep learning going. Of course, it’s important to take a break as well – we all need that – but if children can have a little fun learning over the October half term, it can make all the difference. Here are some ideas of how to help with the ‘catch up’ process in a low stress manner.


  • Let your child take the lead

Children can be innately curious about a particular subject – let them choose that for themselves, however niche. They might be fascinated by our solar system or want to make a film but whatever it is, their natural passions should be encouraged. This can always be steered towards other kinds of learning. For example, they could take notes on what they see or think to help improve their ability to structure ideas or simply their handwriting.


  • Learning through games

Learning through play can be incredibly powerful. It’s something that is widely encouraged when you’re little but which seems to fade with older children. Creativity and imagination are massively important though, so don’t put too much pressure on. Click HERE for some ideas on free educational games that don’t require any set up.


  • Talk to your child’s teacher

Your child’s teacher is well placed to know where they’re working at and to suggest the areas where they may need some extra practice. Teachers may find it tricky to give tailored advice due to them having lots of children to teach but we can help with that too. Our tutors will figure out exactly where your child is working at in the first session and then give you a weekly report to keep you involved and informed.


  • Get crafty

For some children, it’s well worth taking the pressure off formalised learning and taking this time to get crafty with them. Click HERE for some autumnal art activities that encourage to children to get outdoors and recycle.


  • Our tutors can ease the burden!

Our specialist tutors can help ease the pressure off your child (and you!) with weekly sessions – or more if you prefer over the half-term break. The sessions will support your child’s learning – whatever level they’re working at. We can also offer advice for activities to try in between sessions and will ensure that learning remains fun for children. Our goal is to help children catch up with the work they’ve missed so they feel confident and comfortable in the classroom again. If you would like to find out more about how we can help then pop your contact details in below and we will be in touch very soon.