Three top tips on finding family time

Finding family time in the midst of school work and your own deadlines can be a real challenge. The return to school this year has been even more pressured than normal, so it’s important to take a breath and spend time with the family. Here are three top tips on how to juggle the academic workload with creating space for you to all hang out again.


Plan ahead

Make sure you plan ahead to find family time, as it can be hard to do on the spur of the moment. It might involve finding a school night where everyone wraps up their work a little early and takes the time to watch a film together. Or, it could be finding a time at the weekend that works for everyone to go for a walk or a bike ride. If you plan ahead and coordinate schedules, it’s a lot easier to find family time. Family calendar apps can really help with this and they also let your children know in advance what you have planned.


Chat to your child

Family time may seem like a treat, but don’t drop it in as a surprise – your children may have arranged their own plans such as seeing friends. Talking to them first helps them feel important and heard and they will know when works best for them. Just a five minute chat about when they’re free can ensure that you find a good time for you all to spend quality time together.


Work with a tutor

Many families tell us that they find it hard to play both parent and teacher. When you’re there to support, guide and feed them, it can be hard to be taken seriously when it comes to academic work. Inviting in a tutor eases the tensions of that relationship and also enables your child’s studies to be guided by a professional. The satisfaction of knowing that your child is being expertly supported gives you the time to relax and enjoy that quality time you desire.


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