Get ready for the Trafford entrance exam

Not quite clear on the difference between Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning? Unsure of how to apply for the Trafford Consortium? Or what the exam involves? Don’t worry, with ten years of experience – we can make all that simple for you.

The Trafford Consortium of exams is a brilliant opportunity for your child to apply to grammar schools across the Trafford area. It’s increasingly competitive because of the school’s top results and even more so for those applying outside of the catchment area. We have a team of specialist 11+ tutors who can help guide your child through the complexities of the exam.

What comes up in the exam?

One of the aspects that makes this exam challenging is that the maths and English papers include content that won’t have been fully covered in the national curriculum. For example, topics in maths such as algebra and worded problems don’t get covered in much detail but they’re an important part of the 11+. Taking the time to go over those topics in detail helps to ease any stress on the day and gives your child the best chance of achieving their potential.

There are also two other sections within the papers: one on Verbal Reasoning and another on Non Verbal Reasoning. These cover logical reasoning challenges that are quite tricky to master. It’s all about spotting patterns, understanding the focus of the question and picking up speed. It’s a fast paced paper, so practising exam technique is a key part of the preparation.


This is an example question from the start of a paper – they get trickier as you go through the exam.
How can we help?

We offer one to one tuition to guide student progress and the opportunity to sit mock papers to help prepare for the exam. It’s best to start as soon as possible, usually at the beginning of Year 5, in order to give them sufficient time to prepare to sit the papers. There’s a lot of content to be covered so it’s crucial that our tutors to have the time to break it all down and make things as clear as possible.

We will match a tutor based very much on on your child’s personality and approach to learning. It is this personal approach that ensures that maximum progress is made.