Taking a re-sit? We’re here to help!

To say it’s been an unusual year would be the understatement of the century. Many students are understandably frustrated at not having sat their exams or not having all the fun of leavers’ day and saying a proper goodbye to their peers and teachers.

Predicting a child’s grade is not an exact science; nor are mock exams always an accurate predictor of how a child will do in the real thing. So it’s not surprising that many students have been left feeling that they would like to give the exam another shot. If your child is taking a re-sit then congratulations; it’s an impressive decision to have taken in order to ensure that they try to achieve the grade they deserve. That spirit and determination will carry them a long way.

Using the support from one of our specialist tutors however, will take them even further. We have tutors working across both GCSE and A-level; they will assess which areas of the curriculum require revisiting and will give your child the ideal preparation needed for the exam.

Taking a re-sit can be quite stressful and time consuming, especially with everything else that students may be working on, from college applications to looking for a job or an apprenticeship. That pressure is greatly eased by receiving the expert guidance given from one of our tutors – in addition to the academic support they give.

Our lesson reports will keep you updated with the progress your child is making and can inform you where they need to focus their revision. You know your child better than anyone so it’s important that we work together to make sure they get the most out of the tuition process.

To start with, we offer a free consultation with one of our team to help find out where your child is working at. This allows us to recommend the best path for them and to plan a course around their unique learning needs and style.