Autumnal craft activities

September has been even more full on than usual this year with the most unusual ‘back to school’ transition we’ve ever seen. It’s important we all take time to get outdoors and enjoy some exercise to blow the cob webs away. If that can be paired with an opportunity to get creative then even better! Anything that helps children’s wellbeing is definitely something to be enjoyed as we all make the adjustment to our new way of life. So, what are the best autumnal craft activities to try?


Collect conkers

Conkers can be used in so many different kinds of autumnal activities – from collecting them for school ground conker matches, through to making a conker necklace. It may simply be a case of seeing who can find the most conkers and most children love the competition! Collected conkers sat in a bowl can look fabulous and give that autumnal feel to the home.


Try drying leaves

Drying leaves in the back of a book reveals so many different and vibrant colours. The dried leaves can then be traced to create fresh patterns for your very own designs. Take a break from homework to get creative and dream up new ideas for drawings.


Make a garden on a plate

Try collecting little plants and leaves from outside to make your own garden on a paper plate. You can then leave them on a window sill to catch the light and brighten up your day. This can open up lots of creative opportunities and get children thinking about design.


Make a collage

Make a messy collage full of your favourite autumnal colours. Try using recycled materials to shape your creation, like old sweet wrappers and bits of cardboard. It’s hard to go wrong with orange, red and gold so have a look round your house and see what you can find to make a collage.


Bake blackberry crumble

There are still lots of blackberries around at the moment, so head out for a walk and see how many you can collect. Blackberries are delicious in a crumble with apples or plumbs and work perfectly with vanilla ice cream. Treat yourself to some home baking this weekend.


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