Our ‘back to school’ offer

Children will settle back into school in different ways. For some, it will be really exciting to see their friends again and to have that structure brought back into their life. For others, it will be an understandably daunting thing to face.

Many will need support to catch up with work they’ve missed – but, more fundamentally, they may also need to ensure that their wellbeing doesn’t deter them from achieving their potential. If you’re finding that the rush to catch up in the classroom is a little overwhelming, our team of specialist tutors can help ease the pressure.

Our tutors provide high quality tuition in their subject areas and all are DBS checked at the enhanced level. In addition, they will tailor a wider learning package specifically to your child. For example, if English is the area your child needs to focus on, then core skills like ‘making inferences’ can be learnt using texts they genuinely love. This puts the excitement back into learning and ensures that your child not only engages more, but feels more confident in the classroom.

This is true across a whole range of subjects and levels, not just the core curriculum of English, Maths and Science. We provide tutors for all subjects and take the time to find the right match for you. A good tutor becomes a mentor and guide to the student – helping them with their education in a more holistic manner.

In terms of English and Maths, some children may just require guidance through particular gaps in their knowledge e.g. recapping fractions or trying to remember who Macbeth, Macduff and Malcolm actually are. For others, their re-engagement may be best achieved through the use of maths puzzles or creative writing. Each child ‘learns’ in a their own way and, as you know them better than anyone, we keep in regular contact to make sure you’re involved in the process.

To start with, we offer a free consultation with one of our team to help find out where your child is working at. This allows us to recommend the best path for them and to shape a course around their unique learning needs and style.