Supporting students this summer

This year has clearly been challenging for everyone – particularly children and young adults, as their lives have been majorly disrupted, their education messed around, and opportunities closed off. We hear that message a lot and it starts to sound rather hopeless, but it shouldn’t be! Children are surprisingly resilient and there’s a lot we can do to make up for a year of disruption.

Some students will have found it more of a shock to the system than others. For some, it may even have come with benefits, but for all of them, there is work to be done to scaffold support for the coming academic year – and this summer is the perfect time to do that.


  • Spend time on project work


Summer projects are a fun way to keep learning fresh without adding undue pressure onto children. This could be something super simple like keeping a scrapbook of their summer adventures or researching a topic that’s of interest to them. Spending just half an hour a day on a project will help maintain their academic discipline over the summer, without eating too much into crucial relaxation time.


  • Develop what they love


Allow your children to spend some time doing what they love rather than things they feel they’re being forced to do – it’s still the summer holidays after all! This could involve learning more about space travel or how to make the perfect Victoria Sponge. Learning isn’t solely restricted to the curriculum; allowing children to follow their passions can open up further opportunities to learn.


  • Make time for reading


Having said all the above, nothing is as important as reading for developing a student’s learning, empathy for people and places or developing their vocabulary. Children’s reading abilities often slip over the summer, whether that’s their decoding skills at primary level, or their analytic abilities at secondary. Regular reading over the summer really helps to address that summer slide.


  • Come along to our summer workshops


We’re hosting crucial summer workshops this year, during the weeks starting the 2nd, 9th and 16th August. We’ll be supporting students of all ages with our primary, 11+, transition to secondary and GCSE groups. Each morning session will have a clear academic focus but will be delivered in a fun manner, and there is a creative activities option in the afternoon. If you’d like further details about the classes we’re running, please pop your contact details into the form below.


  • Work alongside a tutor


If you’d like your child’s learning to be supported over the summer, we’d be delighted to find the right tutor for you. We offer one-to-one sessions from the comfort of your own home and will tailor sessions to make sure they’re both fun and informative for your child. Pop your details in below and we’ll give you a call to let you know the options open to you.