Getting learning back on track in 2022

To say that learning has been disrupted over the past couple of years would be an understatement. Hopefully, schools are now in a position to operate along normal lines once more and we can settle back into the expected pattern of an academic year. Here are five tips to help get learning back on track in 2022:


  • Embrace technology

One silver lining of the pandemic is that we’ve learnt more about hybrid learning options and how to incorporate technology into studies. Whether it’s online games, apps or new ways to communicate with your child’s school, these technological initiatives should be embraced. While we will always offer in-person tuition sessions, our students can also take advantage of the expertise provided by our tutors’ online sessions – wherever they’re based in the country.


  • Reading is key

Despite the opening up of lots of exciting new possibilities through technology, the fundamentals of education cannot be beaten. Reading is just as important as it ever was – if not even more so. That doesn’t have to mean reading through textbooks or the classics, reading for pleasure is the best way to develop literacy and the skills needed across so much of the curriculum.


  • Make learning fun

The gradual return to full-time education has been challenging for many students. Making learning fun can help ease the pressure it brings. This may involve incorporating games, projects or learning outdoors. It’s a concept that our tutors are fully aware of; do contact us if you’d like to work alongside our team to help make learning fun.


  • Talk to your teacher

Parents’ evenings are especially important at the moment, as they clearly provide key opportunities to talk to teachers about how your child is progressing and what they may need to work on. Teachers have your child’s very best interests at heart, so it’s crucial to seek their advice on how you can continue that support at home. Reinforcing what your child is learning at school helps to build their confidence in the classroom.


  • Work alongside a tutor

We have an incredible team of tutors who support with one-on-one sessions online, or in-person. Feel free to contact us to chat through options of how we can help, or complete the form below. We offer academic support in all subjects and age ranges and, crucially, we’ll take the time to find the right tutor for you.