Top five adult jokes in children’s films

The Christmas holiday gives many of us the opportunity to put on a family classic and fetch the popcorn.

Writers of children’s films can be very clever at incorporating adult jokes into the script, hear are some of our favorites.


Just after Arendelle has been flooded and everyone has to flee, Olaf says:

“We’re calling this ‘controlling what you can when things feel out of control.'” Aren’t we all, Olaf…



Judy is distracted in class by the site of Paddington flying past, trying to return some ‘lost property.’

“Exit pursued by… Paddington!”… a play on Shakespeare’s most famous stage direction, “Exit pursued by bear.” – A Winter’s Tale


Beauty and the Beast

The Beast decides he wants to do something nice for Belle; but isn’t sure how to make the first move. You can always rely on Cogsworth for advice…


Shrek’s comment to donkey, looking up at Prince Farquaad’s castle…


Hercules makes a comical reference to Sophocles infamous play to Meg.