D-Day Letter Home

We recently ran a Creative Writing competition on the theme of bravery and this is one of the brilliant pieces that was submitted. If you know someone who enjoys Creative Writing, get in touch with Jo Boon: joanna@choicehometutoring.co.uk for details about the Creative Writing course she’s running.


Dear Trevor, Conor and Max – my three super stars,


Tomorrow, the army and I will sail across the channel and land on a beach in France. This beach has been taken over by the Nazis. Once we have arrived at the beach we will not enjoy it, because the Nazis have set up turrets all around the beach. There will be little chance of surviving, but this could be the turning point in the war.


I am fighting for your future, so that you can have a better future. I know how scared you will be; I am too. Be brave, just like the army, just like me. Most of the men in this army are terrified, but they act brave, and brave they are. These are tough times we are living through, but England will get through it, just like they do normally.


Hope to see you soon. On this summer’s evening, look at the stars, that’s how much I love you.


Love from,