What makes us different?

The private tuition sector has been expanding rapidly over recent decades.  ‘Having a tutor’ has become the norm, and many more families access tuition services compared to 50 years ago. With such an ever-growing industry comes a lot of competition – you may have noticed an increased amount of start-up tuition companies that have popped up over lockdown. As parents, it can be quite a difficult task to choose a tuition company that is right for you and your child. This article outlines why Choice is different to other tuition companies out there.


We aim to make the most suitable match between tutor and student


One of our most important qualities as a tuition company is that we care. We always take the time to get to know our families and our students by having a detailed chat at the beginning of the process. We want to know what your child is struggling with, what type of learner they are, what their personality is like, which subjects they enjoy, what their hobbies are and lots more. This helps us to paint a picture of the ideal tutor who would work best with them; for us, it’s not just a case of setting up a student with the first tutor we have available! We take this extra time and care at the beginning to ensure that the partnership between tutor and student is built on solid foundations and remains strong throughout the duration of the relationship. In our experience, having a good bond between tutor and student is as important as the teaching itself and it certainly aids the achievement of those all-important results!

We have been running for over 10 years


Jo, our fabulous business founder, set up Choice over 10 years ago, after leaving her role as a teacher. She understands first hand, as a mum-of-three and former teacher, just how important education is, and how much of a positive impact it can have when delivered in a professional and engaging manner. This ethos has been embraced by all members of the Choice team – which has expanded hugely since 2010; it really does now possess the skills, experience and expertise to provide your child with the best tuition programme, delivered by their high quality tutors.


We offer more than one-to-one tuition


Although one-to-one tuition is the core of the business, we have listened to families over the years and now also offer holiday camps, workshops, mock examinations and weekly group classes. As well as providing a form of childcare over the holiday periods, students can learn and get up-to-speed before the new academic term in a fun and engaging way. Our specialist tutors design a series of academic games, presentations and activities for the children to get stuck into, all whilst they are making new friendships and building on their team-working skills. We also offer targeted tuition for those sitting upcoming exams, such as the 11+. Here, past papers and exam-type questions are reviewed to ensure your child has the best possible chance of getting into the school, or achieving the grade, of their choice. Choice have also built, and continue to build, strong relationships with many schools across Manchester. Working with primary schools, secondary schools and colleges over the years has further strengthened our successful tuition provision.

We are part of your local community


Many tuition companies operate on a large, corporate scale, where is it more difficult to achieve a tailored, personalised service. Here at Choice, we are part of your local community and therefore have more of a vested interest in your child’s development and future – we care! Your children are the future doctors, lawyers, nurses, police and business owners in our area; we want to ensure that they are given the best possible chance to meet their academic potential and fulfil their dreams and ambitions. Members of our team are friendly, approachable and always available to chat about what is right for your child. Even if you’re not looking for tuition, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have relating to education and to offer advice based on our years of experience. Our regular blogs also offer free advice on areas such as home schooling, useful academic and wellbeing resources and entrance exam requirements.


If you are looking for tailored, personalised tuition for your child, please drop an email to info@choicehometutoring.co.uk or call 0800  3579 121.