The five perks of getting a tutor right now

The announcement that schools are closing this week, and will be closed until February half term, has shocked many people. For those of you who are home schooling at the moment, then please see our previous article with top tips on how to manage that. Many are considering getting a tutor as part of that strategy and here are five good reasons it may be a good idea:

1) They’re an expert in their area

Few of us are academic experts in everything; so it can be really helpful to get a tutor in who specialises in their area and will do their best to support your child in getting where you want them to be. We have tutors across disciplines and age ranges who can help you out and offer broader academic guidance with how to best support your child.


2) It takes the pressure off you

Teaching at home can be stressful, not least when you’ve got a household to run and that minor detail of a job on top of everything else. Getting a tutor takes some of the pressure off, as you know your child is getting professional support and you’re not suddenly, solely responsible for their educational journey.


3) It frees up some time in your day

On a practical note, having a tutor in for an hour (or more!) a day frees up some time to do things without children around. It’s time well spent in learning but also provides a well needed respite when someone else can take the lead for a while.


4) We all need contact with other people

Self-isolation will be a challenge for many us as we rely on and enjoy human contact in our day to day lives. We’re lucky to live in an age of tech where we can skype/call/ WhatsApp friends and family. This can also be taken advantage of for educational benefit. Children aren’t always as likely to listen to a parent as a third party, so contact with a fresh face could help them learn more easily again.

5)  It keeps students on track

Let’s all hope we get back to normalcy fairly quickly, and when we do, students will be picking their formal education back up again. Keep them on track with a tutor who knows their stuff and can support your child to stay engaged with learning.


Please email me at if you would like to discuss remote 121 or group tutoring to help you or your child through the current challenges.