How online tuition works

We’re very aware that this is a challenging time for lots of families, not least because of the uncertainty around what schools new plans will be. Continuing your child’s education is a top priority for lots of families and we’re here to help in any way we can. One of the ways we’ve adapted is by launching our tailor made online lessons so that tuition can continue (or begin!) smoothly, and we can still prioritise our health.

We use a bespoke Online Whiteboard (via Bitpaper) that allows tutors to upload slides, activities and videos etc. before the lesson so that it runs just as seamlessly as normal. Both tutor and tutee can write, draw and upload new things as the lesson goes along. The screens are on the left hand side of the screen meaning that, whilst you can still see each other and interact like normal, you have lots of space for the lesson itself. All of our tutors have received specialist training on this platform to ensure the highest quality lessons carry on like normal.

Online tuition is really not that different from face-to-face tuition – mainly because all of our tutors are specialists and are going to even greater lengths to maintain quality lessons. We all need to pull together at this time and our tutors are doing just that.

Online Whiteboard

Our whiteboard allows the tutor to share a link with you in order for your child to join the lesson. It takes seconds to do and then you’re all set up for lessons to go ahead. If there are alternatives you would prefer then that’s absolutely fine – it has to be right for your child as well as the tutor. We’re fortunate to live in an age of technology within which the likes of Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime, WhatsApp etc. allow for their various forms of video conferencing to take place.

Lessons are normally an hour but that is flexible. Tutors will have resources prepared on their end, as well as the online slides that will help structure the lesson and there will always be an initial call between the family and tutor. Marking can happen straight away with online work and feedback will be offered via email after each lesson.

Online tuition is a great way to help break up a student’s day and it gives them a fresh face to engage with – sometimes a new person is all that’s needed to help them refocus and get the best out of their studies.