Summer Catch Up Tuition

This academic year has been far more disrupted than normal and it is still not completely clear what the picture will look like in September. It is clear, however, that a return in some form will take place and that many students will need support to make that transition.

When children have been away from the classroom for a long time, it’s completely understandable that they will need some extra support to transition back into that environment. The first, and most important thing, is to support student well-being. This will look different for every student. For some, it will be a case of active intervention, including mindfulness, meditation and yoga and this is something we can offer students – we have many qualified tutors who teach classes in everything from yoga to mindfulness.

Secondly, students need to re-engage with the curriculum – but through creative learning, rather than diving straight back into the rigours of the national curriculum. That might involve learning maths through baking at home or creative writing in a small group environment, but it’s an important transitional step. Over the summer, we are running a series of courses that tailor to this need – getting students ready for September in a fun and relaxed way. The last thing any family wants right now is added pressure, but that doesn’t mean that the academic needs of students should be ignored completely. The right balance needs to be struck – ideally with the support of a specialist tutor.

Finally, once students have been eased back into the curriculum, many will need support to catch up to the level they would normally have been working at. A key starting point is to look at the core curriculum (English, maths and science) and to build confidence back up. Basic literacy and numeracy are skills used in every day life. Practising those skills is like flexing a muscle – it gets easier if you do it little and often. Our team of tutors will ensure that when September comes around, students feel relaxed about being in school again.

We offer one-to-one and small group tuition throughout the academic year, so do get in touch at any time if you would like some support for your child.