How your children can learn through Pancakes Day

Planning the perfect Pancakes Day 

Pancakes day is tremendously under-appreciated in my opinion, but in the long slog between winter festivities and spring arriving, it is a welcome celebration that we should all pay attention to. Traditionally a chance to clear out the cupboards before lent began, it is now a wonderful opportunity to flip the day on its head and have pancakes for dinner. Who doesn’t love that? Pancakes Day also offers the perfect learning opportunity in more ways than one:


1. The History of Pancakes Day

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Set your family the task of finding three fun facts about this overlooked celebration (there are plenty to be found!) Who made the world’s largest pancake? How did the tradition start? What did you do for pancakes day when you were growing up? History isn’t just what’s covered in the curriculum and food related treasure hunts into the past are a personal favourite.


2. The Science of Baking

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Anyone who’s ever thought they can be cavalier about following a recipe will know that baking is a science, not an art. Learning to get everything in the right ratio makes a big difference to the outcome. There are so many ‘alternatives’ for dairy products as well, there’s never been a better time to get into the science of what is a catalyst for what when it comes to the mystery that is quality baking.


3. The Maths of Family Calculations

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Re-calculating a recipe for different sized groups becomes second nature after a while but it’s an important skill that needs to be learned. Ratios, fractions, percentages, worded challenges… all tricky parts of the national curriculum that can be made a whole lot more fun when practiced in the real world context. Plus, there’s pancakes at the end of it all!


4. The Food Tech of New Recipes

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Why not come up with the wackiest recipe you can think of this Pancakes Day? Try taking out all the dairy or mixing in your favourite flavours. Bertie Box Flavour beans don’t have the monopoly on madness in the food world. This Shrove’s Tuesday is your chance to show off food tech skills.


5. The English of Naming New Concoctions

Once you’ve invented your new family pancake, it’s definitely time to come up with a creative name for it. Don’t worry about spelling, or rules of grammar, or even hand writing – just have fun coming up with something that can be enjoyed in years to come. Wackily named foods are always great family traditions. What do you think of ‘Maple Mountain’ for the lovely stack above? 

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