Five fun educational activities in Didsbury


There are many beautiful parks in and around Didsbury, perfect for learning about nature, exploring and getting active. Fletcher Moss Park alone has a beautiful botanical area, the river and plenty of space to run around in. Parks are a wonderful hybrid. You can run around and enjoy a physical education on swings, and merry go rounds and who knows what else; but you can also learn more about the world around you. There are many amazing apps that can help to teach you about plants, trees and birds. It’s so important to be connected with the world around you and to share that with your child. How lucky we are that we don’t need to leave Didsbury to explore nature at its finest.



Even some of the cafes in Didsbury provide educational opportunities. Bisque and Beyond only opened a year ago and has already become a key part of Didsbury’s vibrant village. They run all kinds of activities, art classes and creative opportunities. They’re family focused and everything is set up to be made easy for children and their parents to enjoy. Even when activities aren’t specifically tailored to children, cafes provide a whole range of educational opportunities, from counting the change to learning new social skills. 



There are a few wonderful bookshops hidden in and around Didsbury, not to mention the lovely little library in Didsbury Village. Time never passes so quickly as in a library on a rainy day and it’s a great chance to get your mind wrapped around books, without having to pay a fortune. Many people’s favourite bookshop is EJ Morten’s. Nestled away down a quaint cobbled street, it has a fantastic children’s section and signed selection for you to choose from.



We’re very lucky to have the Parrs Wood cinema complex at East Didsbury. Films are a great way to engage children’s imaginations and to teach them more about storytelling. Children’s cinema is better than ever before so enjoy a trip to Parrs Wood and the activities they sometimes run in the school holidays. 


Charity Shops 

Charity shops provide educational opportunities in more ways than one and we’re fortunate to have an incredible range in and around Didsbury. Firstly, they provide a great opportunity to teach children about sustainability and why it’s important to recycle things. Secondly, they can show children about budgeting, what different things cost, and the exchange of monies. Thirdly, there are numerous educational resources in charity shops for half the price of what you’d find in other shops. Help save the planet and the strain on your wallet by choosing books, games, chemistry kits, musical instruments etc. etc. from charity shops.