Jo Boon sits down with local fitness and well being instructor, Petrina from PB Fitness – to find out more about how we can all fit exercise into our daily routines at home. With work now being sent home from school, online courses to finish and deadlines to meet – it can be hard to fit exercise into the daily pattern. Exercise is great for our minds and bodies though, and really helps prepare us for learning. Petrina worked in the education industry (including as a tutor!) for many years before training as a fitness coach and launching her own business. She’s well placed to get us motivated about keeping fit and keeping up with our studies at the same time. SO, how can we fit it into our daily schedule? 


Why is exercise so important to us?

Exercise is so important for overall health. For me, the mental health side of exercise is so much more important. Especially for children!


How would you recommend making exercise fun growing up?

I hated PE; I hated most exercise growing up. I think allowing children to do what they enjoy is the hey here. Whether that’s football, yoga, athletics or even just dancing around in the kitchen. Whatever motivates them. I didn’t know I liked exercise until I started lifting weights. Which, with a child friendly club and supervision, is safe for them to do too!


What would you say to people who might struggle to fit exercise in around learning at home?

I worked a 60 hours work week and fit it in. You don’t need to dedicate hours. 30 minutes 3 times a week and you’ll see a difference! Find something you enjoy. If you don’t like running, don’t run. I love incline outdoor walks! I love quick dance workouts. I have a 20 minutes quick workout on my IGTV that you could fit in a lunch break or before work or before cooking.

As someone who worked in education for 8 years and now works in the fitness industry. Combine the two! Tell your child to Do 10 x 2 star jumps. Obviously this is easily changed for ability. Also, value teaching them about health, both mental and physical. Teaching your child how this jog is helping burn calories and build muscle etc is a lesson within itself!


How can families enjoy it together?

For families to enjoy together, have a gander at Joe Wicks. He talks a lot but he’s good fun. See exercise as play fighting in the garden, splashing in your paddling pool, see who can do the most sit ups, see who can dance to the most songs. Exercise is anything that builds strength and raises your heart rate. Enjoy it!!

I love love love anything competitive and strength building. So seeing how many press ups/sits ups/star jumps you can all do and pushing yourselves to beat tour own personal records! If you can dance to baby shark twice this time let’s aim for three next time!


How can people get in touch with you if they have more questions?

Instagram, Facebook or email I check frequently. You can also request my number through these platforms! @PBFitness_1 for Instagram. @PBFitnessandlifestyle on Facebook. for email.