Balancing academic success with wellbeing through exam season

Mock and re-sit season feels even more pressured than normal this year. Not least, because there’s a concern that mock results may end up having a bearing on overall results as they did last year. Those mock grades have in turn contributed to many students resitting exams this winter – giving them a chance of achieving a grade for a paper they actually sat. That can create a lot of pressure on students though, so how do we balance academic success with wellbeing?


Come up with a study plan

The best way to limit the stress is to come up with a concrete plan about what you’re going to study, when and for how long. Unless that’s done first, the overall task can feel overwhelming. When broken down into manageable chunks, the task ahead suddenly seems a lot more realistic. Be warned though, as great as it is to come up with a detailed study plan, don’t spend hours creating a work of art with highlighters and sticky notes – that’s just another form of procrastination! Map out a plan for each module that needs revising, note down some key areas and fit them in to a realistic study pattern. Then get straight into the actual studying.


Make sure you spend time doing what you love

When working on the plan above, remember that you also need to eat, sleep, exercise, breathe, be… Make sure you fit in time for your other obligations, whether that be a part time job or chores around the house, but also ensure there’s time to do what you love. It’s crucial to look after yourself whilst studying – not least because you will actually study better. Your wellbeing is incredibly important and should be prioritised. Academic success isn’t everything (although it can sometimes feel like that at the time), so you must remember to take time for yourself.


Find a great tutor

When preparing for an exam, having someone working alongside you can remove so much of the pressure you may be feeling. A quality tutor will assess your strengths and areas for improvement and will guide you through the course content. They can help you plan your time and set you challenges each week to keep you on the right track. If it would be helpful to work alongside a tutor for your mock/ resit/ exam then contact us at We’d be very happy to chat through how best we can support you.