How tutoring can help your child (and you!)

It helps develop confidence

Tutoring helps develop confidence in your child, and allows them to progress further in the future. Classrooms
can be very fast paced environments and it’s sometimes intimidating to ask for help. When you work in a one
on one, or small group, environment you develop more confidence in your skills. This new found ability is
transferred back into the classroom and ensures children don’t feel as if they’re falling behind. A good tutor
will ease the support off over time. For example, within each subject or new area you tutor in – the traditional
model is to teach something, support with it and then practice independently. Tutors aren’t just teaching the
subject, they’re also supporting confidence and independence so that children ultimately feel more
comfortable in the classroom.


It’s completely tailored to them

Teachers deserve all of our admiration and respect, but it’s incredibly hard to tailor to individual children when
you have a class of 30+ Children all work at different rates and are best engaged in different ways. A tutor has
the luxury of being able to tailor lessons to your child’s needs. Whether that’s recapping topics that may have
been missed, or challenging them with more advanced work. When you work one on one, you get to know a
child so much more completely – not just their academic abilities, but how they learn, what will engage them
most and what is most important for their future development.


Children respond well to someone new

Children often respond well to someone new who they perceive to be in a position of authority. Children will
work far harder for a tutor than for their parents, simply because it’s a different working environment and set
of expectations. It’s no bad thing that children will push back against parents; it’s a sign of how comfortable
they are – but that doesn’t necessarily create the best working conditions.


It takes the pressure off you

Having a tutor can really take the pressure off the family. When you have your own job and pick up and
extracurricular activities and meal prep and work you’ve brought home from the office and cleaning and their
homework and a reading book and… it all starts to add up! A good tutor understands that and can help take a
little piece of the pressure away. By supporting children with topics they may not have fully grasped, the
challenging homework, or even sometimes just reading with them – tutors free up time later in the evening,
that’s just about the family, and not the battle of getting homework done.


Educational professionals work collaboratively

The best educational professionals will all work collaboratively for one another. For example, tutors should
know the national curriculum inside out and can align what they’re doing with what’s being covered at school.
Likewise, tutors can use school reports and even, with permission, sit in on meetings with the school to best
ensure that a child is getting the right support. Having someone on side who’s experienced in the world of
education and is able to give your child the focused attention they deserve can be a massive advantage.


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