End of year burnout: how to take care of your wellbeing

As we come towards the end of another, rather strange, academic year – it’s important to be mindful of our wellbeing. Burnout impacts both teachers and students; especially with Teacher Assessed Grades being thrown into the mix. Here are five ways we can continue to look after our wellbeing in these final weeks:


  • Keep an eye on the bigger picture

As important as school, academic accomplishment and grades are – they are not the whole world. If you miss the mark in a subject, there are always other ways you can achieve your goal in the long term. Whatever level of study you are at, it’s important to keep an eye on the bigger picture outside of being a student. As well as study, take time for the hobbies and activities you enjoy. These can often provide skills which will be just as essential to your future anyway. Work ahead but remember, there’s a whole world outside of school.


  • Plan in time for breaks

Don’t put yourself under so much pressure that you try and sprint this last stretch and end up tripping on the hurdles. If you’ve got mocks or final assessments after May half term – take that week to spend some time relaxing; don’t try and cram 24/7. Proper rest breaks enable you to work more effectively anyway, so look after yourself through the end of this year to avoid burnout.


  • Have a backup plan

The best laid plans can sometimes go array. If you miss the mark in a grade or don’t get in to the secondary school / college of your choice, then have a back up plan. If you’re prepared for the worst-case scenario – then you know you’ll be ok no matter what. If you put all your hopes on one thing, that adds a lot of unnecessary pressure. Remember, it’s always best to be prepared. Having options takes the stress out of many situations.


  • Make sure you have something to look forward to

It may not feel like it, but the summer holidays are very much in sight. Make sure you’ve got something planned that you’re looking forward to, so that you can stay positive in these final weeks. Knowing that you’re working towards a treat can help give you that extra motivation and avoid burnout.


  • Look out for other people

Everyone in school is experiencing what you are at the moment – teachers, students and, of course, their parents too. Look out for people and make sure you encourage them to take a break when they need it. If it would help to have a tutor support in these final weeks and take the pressure off, then just get in touch – we’re always happy to help.