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Entrance Exams Workshop

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Workshop Description

11 plus entrance exam

The Entrance Exams preparation workshop is ideal for those children who are preparing to sit the entrance exams to grammar and independent schools which take place in year 6. The workshop offers extra support in Maths and English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. We focus on exam technique, hints and tips on answering questions and practice papers for 11+ exams and the independent schools. The teacher works on any problematic areas while also showing how exam questions are presented. Children tend to find difficulty applying their knowledge to scenario's and real-life problems and in understanding what a question is asking them to do. We help them tackle this during the week.

Ultimately, the workshop allows the children to grow in confidence when answering the papers. Exam technique is taught by going through the exam papers, showing them how to tackle the question and allowing the children time and practice to answer them.

year 6 exam tutor

The group size is capped at 6 so the children feel they are getting close attention. Having a small group also allows the teacher to plan the sessions specifically for those attending and for the schools to which they are applying. The one consistent piece of feedback we get from the children following the workshop is 'why can't this be my school every day?

Entrance Exam Workshops 2017-18:

Autumn half term:

Monday 23rd October - Friday 27th October 2017 
Time: 9am - 12pm

Cost: £210.00 for the week                Venue: Didsbury

Spring half term:

Monday 19th February - Friday 23rd February 2018 
Time: 9am - 12pm

Cost £210.00 for the week                 Venue: Didsbury

Easter holidays:

Week 1: Tuesday 3rd April - Friday 6th April 2018
Week 2: Monday 9th April - Friday 13th April 2018
Time: 9am - 12pm

Cost: Week 1: £168.00
              Week 2: £210.00                         Venue: Didsbury


Summer half term:

Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June 2018 
Time: 9am - 12pm

Cost £210.00 for the week               Venue: Didsbury

Summer holidays:

Week 1: Monday 13th August - Friday 17th August 2018
Week 2: Monday 20th August - Friday 24th August 2018
Week 3: Monday 27th August - Friday 31st August 2018
Time: 9am - 12pm

Cost £210.00 for the week

Venue: Emmanuel Parish Centre, 6 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury

Full day option:

Each week during the summer, there will be an afternoon option (12.30 - 4.30pm) of sports activities or a creative writing workshop. The cost will be £18.00 per afternoon or £85.00 for the full week. 

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